Promotion & Advertising


print Media planning and purchase

We build coverage for interesting content – in points or comprehensively, depending on the client’s needs and budget. We select the media, personalize the message, recommend the best use of the budget depending on the channel.

print ATL

Traditional media, classic forms: posters, radio and press ads, online advertising, visibility at events and fairs. We advise on the selection of content and message or we independently incorporate into a wide range of communication activities, coordinating work.

print Product placement

“The program contained product placement” … and not only the TV program, but most other forms of communication may contain information about the service, product or brand. It is not only the context that counts, but also the idea of placing the message. For what? To build or increase brand recognition, strengthen its relationship with consumers, reaching a specific audience.

print Content marketing

We create content that arouses interest and engages. We use the client’s own data, generate unique content (e.g. opinion polls), look for valuable information. All to create content that reaches exactly where we want it to.