Influencer Marketing


Bloggers, YouTubeers, Instagrammers, Trendsetters, Influencers

they operate in different areas, but they have one thing in common – they are influential people who shape the opinions of others! Using various tools, they build relationships with their customers, and their significant impact on brand perception has become a fact.

What do the numbers say?

11 million – Bloggers with their message reach so many people 53% of these blog and vlog recipients say they bought the product under their influence 72% For so many people, blogs and vlogs are the first source of information about products 74% of Poles, when they see something they like from someone, ask where to buy it

print Communication strategy

We do not work automatically, we focus on an individual approach. We analyze the client’s needs and recommend appropriate actions for them. With the right conclusions, we create a creative idea and communication context. Thanks to diligently developed applications, we search and select the best partners for joint actions.

print Ambassador actions

A comprehensive campaign using influencers. We do not work automatically, we recommend the most appropriate people who can become ambassadors of brand value among their communities. And then, together with a potential partner, we develop a creative concept of cooperation.

print Creative actions and shipments

Product tests and reviews, invitations to events. Direct contact with the product – the more attractive and intriguing the better! And we will take care of it. We will prepare the concept, indicate recipients, produce shipping elements, assemble, realize and report. Full service!

print Digital & social influence

We establish cooperation with influencers in the brand’s online activities. We build trust in the brand through the influencer’s authority. We conduct less official communication, locate the product in its natural environment, having the opportunity to reach potential buyers – in a highly engaging form.