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Strategy & Consulting


print Image audit

To paraphrase a classic, sometimes you have to look back to take a step forward. This is what the image (company, brand, product, person, event) analysis is for, which is an indispensable tool supporting the development of the most optimal strategy of actions. Where are we now, where do we want to be in a moment and what are we planning to achieve?

print Competition analysis

At a time when new information travels at the speed of light, it’s good to keep your finger on the pulse. We collect and analyze data on indicated entities or activities, we report and advise.

print Insight

We jump into the consumer’s shoes and learn to walk in them. In order to find clues and answer such questions as: “Who is our consumer?”, “What are his expectations?”, “What is he looking for in life?”, “What is important to him?”. Thanks to this, we can better turn theory into practice, providing consumers with what they need.

print Communication strategy

For some it’s the first stage. And for us the last lap in the design phase. A good communication strategy should start from the analysis (current activities or image) and conclusions, go through clarifying the needs and value of the promoted maki, through developing insight, to the big idea, channels and tools.