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Public Relations


print Image audit

How and where do they write about us? Who, how often, in what context? We answer these and other questions about the company’s image, brand or product as part of the current situation analysis. And then we draw conclusions to be able to choose the best optimization actions or create a new communication strategy.

print Communication strategy

Care for the comprehensive image of the company, from A to Z. We start from the basics (analysis, brand values, persona, big idea), we develop key messages and assumptions for communication, we choose the best communication channels and tools.

print Media Relations

Press advocacy, running a press office, interviews, press materials, company expert comments, research, infographics. From the idea, through substantive support, to media relations. We focus on quality and valuable content, proactive contacts with the media, involving data visualization.

Kampanie PR campaigns

From idea to implementation! We will adapt PR communication to your strategy or we will develop it entirely, from the very beginning. Depending on the context of the activities or the nature of the campaign, we will select the appropriate media and forms of communication, creating an engaging message.

print Brand PR

We design and implement individual stages of product communication depending on the purpose of the activity (launch, rebranding, brand extention, etc.). We select media, communication tools, recommend partners or ambassadors, and create visual materials.

print Graphics & Video

Infographics & videos, animations, tutorials, applications, websites, photo & video coverage, advertisers, posters and all other formats that are necessary when conducting standard and custom PR activities.