Employer Branding


Research & Audit

Starting point for creating an Employer Branding strategy. We will carry out an analysis of the local and global labor market, the image of competition, opinions about the employer on the web, but we will also design and conduct research: focus, employee satisfaction and opinions, loyalty and commitment, the needs and preferences of candidates. We will also audit current HR communication tools and their effectiveness.


A recipe for a company’s long-term communication policy – inside and outside. We offer, among others segmentation and selection of key target groups, person identification, identification of the most important communication channels, identification of EVP, and then also the strategy of obtaining desired candidates.

Internal communication

The best adjustment of communication channels and forms of communication to the specifics of the employer. Newsletter, blog, social media, dedicated IT solutions, newsletter, events. We also don’t forget about new employees, because the onboarding stage is extremely important in the adaptation process.

External communication

Image and recruitment activities, job fairs. We will develop a plan of activities dedicated to the region in which the employer operates and to the whole of Poland, focusing on industry media or social media – depending on the company’s needs. Student campaigns, online and offline recruitment, programs promoting apprenticeships and internships, employer profiles, image materials, PR & Media Relations, open days, etc.

Training & consulting

How to prepare for the implementation of effective internal communication? How to build an employer’s brand outside? Is the current HR policy effective, bringing the desired results? We will conduct training in internal communication, building engagement in the organization, using social media in recruitment, measuring the effectiveness of conducted activities.